Do Something

That’s my advice for anyone feeling down about life. I don’t know how many days I spent holed up in the house besides walks and outings to the store with Sarah.

A couple of mornings before winter began, I sat outside under my apple tree and listened to the breeze and the birds, and watched the squirrels. When group emails requested volunteers for concessions for games and check-in for jazz festival at school, I volunteered. I’m putting myself in position to get out and be around other people at the Y and other places where I want to volunteer. I joined a few Meetup groups.

Put yourself in places where you can be around other people interacting, smiling, laughing, helping. Get out in nature and watch animals, listen to the birds, climb a tree, walk in the grass. Feel the breeze in your face, let the wind mess up your hair, take deep breaths. Get some sun. Get in the water, go for a swim, kayak, or just relax in a hot bath.

Spirit, earth, air, fire, water. All of the essentials of life right there.

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