Negativity and Social Media

I just had a thought that started out being about the nasty hateful presidential candidate. I wish people would stop making negative posts, memes, articles and passing them around Facebook and putting it in the news, blogs, etc. using his name. (I think it was Stephen King I saw referring to him as He Who Must Not Be Named.)
All it does is put his name out there more. Good or bad, it’s all good if his name is being used. It’s like making the Columbine shooters famous and putting them on Time magazine, and now look how those types of things have increased. Speaking of which, Bangor high school was evacuated for a bomb threat today-hopefully things are okay there.

Things are just going to keep getting worse as we give attention to the negative. It’s like if you’re ANTI something and giving attention to the thing you’re against, turn it around and be PRO the opposite instead and give attention to THAT. I don’t suggest completely putting our heads in the sand so we’re uninformed but damn social media… Doesn’t it seem the more and more we talk about the negative and see it in the media, the more of it we get?

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