Yay! Ughhh.

Literacy tutoring class last night, Ronald McDonald House training and Aqua Circuit at the Y today. Ron gets out of work in the afternoon all week and has the weekend off again. New job starting for me soon. I’m savoring this. Spent way too much time moping, being depressed, hating his schedule, being disappointed with life in general. Have to remember life is a spiral. Bad stuff will eventually come back around again but then so will the good stuff.

Five minutes later…

Spoke too soon on the husband’s schedule. Jesus. It’s not horrible, but damn. Dear Walmart: Could you please decide what schedule to put a person on and not change it every other week? People have families and things other than work. Thanks. 😛

Aaand he isn’t working the earlier shift the rest of the week as initially told. Of course. Why would I think a planned week would be set in stone?

Also, side note–I’m renaming the days of the week: Muckday, Tearsday, Whinesday, Turdday, Cryday, Sadderday, Stfuday.

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