Sarah and Job Update

Holy wow, how the weeks and months pass. Since my last post school got out, we gained a new BHP (or really CSWs are what this company hires) after having lost our last one. This will be our fourth since I think March.

We also lost nursing services partially because of I believe faulty paperwork and claims and partially due to my mistrust of the inexperienced new manager’s handling of it all, lack of communication with me and an insurance denial which we had never received in years past when previous managers did the yearly paperwork, and suddenly they let us go due to “inability to staff”.

We haven’t attempted yet to find a new company or to look into respite services again since our last respite person got done. But summer school has begun, so that’s a plus. Five weeks of three half-day per week for Sarah. Thank gawd because lately she’s staying up later, getting up earlier, and being generally annoying (clingy, arms constantly around my neck, pinching, digging–I have a huge bruise on my arm from when she was excited in a store we don’t usually go to and she grabbed my arm as she jumped up and down and dug her nails into me, breaking skin. I swear I clip her nails every couple of days. Yesterday, she reached right out and grabbed my boob. Sometimes I wonder if she thinks I’m her squeaky toy.
In other news, my job is great. It’s busy and I had and still have a lot to learn, but it’s not the kind of job I “take home with me” and stress out about in any way. Work doesn’t pile up. When my work for the day is done, it’s done. I love it.
My manager is the best I’ve ever had. She is genuinely caring and concerned about employee’s needs to balance work and family and literally let me choose my schedule.I can work a different day if my kid is sick, change from 2 1/2 days a week to 4 or 5 short days if I need to.
At my check-in meeting with her a couple of weeks ago, I seriously almost cried. She asked if my current schedule was working out, if there was any task I was uncomfortable with doing or anything uncomfortable within the office in general (other employees/personality clash, feeling disrespected, etc.) if I had any suggestions for how things could run more smoothly, said I could make up the holiday if I didn’t want to use personal time but that was completely up to me. She told me I had positive reviews from my coworkers, office and techs, and that my schedule can be whatever works best for me.
Coworkers have told me they’ve always been able to take time off whenever they need, switch times, switch days and don’t get dinged for sick time. Everyone picks up slack where needed. It’s just an awesome place to work.

Other stuff–I decided to learn how to play the ukulele. I haven’t had much practice since school ended but I know four chords and a few different strums.

I’ve gone to a Meet-up but not sure how I feel about meeting up with a group of strangers to bowl and “get to know you” chat.

I ended my reading tutoring for now. At least for the summer. I don’t think my student and I were a good match and is virtually impossible for me to put the time into it during the summer. I have not been back to my other volunteering place. I didn’t want to work in the office on a regular basis when I looked into volunteering, I really just wanted to cook a meal for the guests every so often. I’ll look into that again in the fall.

I’m trying to mend some family relationships that honestly without social media, probably never would’ve fallen apart in the first place.

I started a nice collection of Wayne Dyer books cheap off to begin reading more offline because I tend to get sidetracked. But now I have a new phone because my last one broke and this one’s just a little nicer and I enjoy being on it, unfortunately.

Speaking of which, I just finished binge-watching this season of Orange is the New Black. Awesome as always.

July 1st, I started participating in a 31/31 writing challenge to write and post something each day of the month. If you complete at least 20 items, one item will be chosen to be in the anthology they’re putting together. I’m right on track.

That’s about it for now. Ron’s napping and Sarah needs lunch. I should’ve been writing something for the challenge but I’ll get to it.

Is there anything you’ve begun or had to give up for the summer? Have you binge-watched any good shows lately?

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