The Fair etc.

Yesterday was Saturday and we took Sarah to the Bangor State Fair. She had a blast. There were a few rides she would’ve enjoyed but was too big to go on and many rides she was big enough to ride but probably would’ve terrified her or made her sick. We stuck to the few rides we found that were perfect for her as well as the fun house and giant slide.

We also walked through the barns and saw the animals. She’s just over the weight limit now for pony rides, which is kind of sad. It was so hot we kept Sarah cool by pouring water on her once in a while (the kid doesn’t sweat) in addition to all of the Gatorade, fresh squeezed lemonade and homemade cream soda from the kettle corn vendor (tasty kettle corn). We all had fun. It was an awesome day.

The other half of my post: I spent the morning looking up and reading things about dealing with negativity at the office. I had really forgotten what it was like or maybe I thought this place would be different because overall the culture seems more positive, but people are people wherever you go.

I have to remember, too, I used to be a person who had a higher stress job with piled up work that kept piling up day after day. Now I have the kind of job where I go in, do my work and it’s done. The next time I come in, I do my work and it’s done. And I’m only there 2 1/2 days a week, so there is that.

I have to remember my coworkers are coming from a place in life where I used to be (and may be again someday). For me, now, going to work is a break from my life, so it’s a completely different perspective. It’s amazing how easy it is to get drawn in to the negativity though. They’re already saying, “Yep, she’s catching on! She’s starting to sound like us now!”

I don’t want to get to that point though because I feel like my full-time job is taking care of Sarah. Once I get to the point where my part-time job isn’t a break anymore, it’s no longer serving its purpose for me and I won’t want to be there anymore.

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