I read a blog post about how the writer tolerates cats but prefers dogs. I tolerate my dog but will never have another one.
Dogs are too needy and too much like having kids. Once I’m done raising kids, I don’t want to continue to have a worry about a dog at home when I want to be out doing things.
I took our dog in when her owners were forced to give her up. I do love her and care about her. I just don’t like her sometimes. She’s hyper. She barks at everything that moves or makes a sound so between that and having seizures, there have been times when I’m dealing with Sarah and trying to do something else like cook, and she’ll start barking at the mailman or the oven beeping, and suddenly the house is in chaos and my head hurts.

I prefer cats. Theyre quiet, independent and don’t require too much. Although if I ever have a cat again, it won’t be a fluffy long – haired one. They make me sneeze and break out in hives.

Maybe I’ll just get fish. Scratch that. Who will feed the fish when I’m traveling around the world?

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