The Anti March For What?

I watched some videos from the Women’s March/Trump Protest and it seems like so many are brainwashed and jumping on the bandwagon without even knowing why they’re protesting. When a right alternative media person tried to ask questions of the crowd to find out what they were marching for, why they don’t like Trump, what they disagree with, there were average white girls saying he’s a white male so nuff said, or some used all the buzzwords – misogynist, racist, rapist (because even if he didn’t do anything, words matter) or hiding behind their signs saying “go away – if you’re a supporter, I’m not talking to you” instead of voicing the message they were there to spread. There was a lot of smirking, eye rolling, and condescending staring and eyelash fluttering, when they couldn’t think of an answer or when a hole in their argument was pointed out and they couldn’t back up their original statement. One answered a question with the question “when was America ever great?” I sure didn’t support Trump but I didn’t support Hillary either and this country is far from perfect. I do know, though, that as far as America goes, if you don’t know a single reason the US is actually pretty okay if not  “great” or how well you have it (especially if you’re one of these basic white girls with plenty of privilege), consider the facts that no one keeps you from getting an education, no one keeps you from pursuing what you want in your life, no one forces you to marry and stay home raising babies, no one mutilates your clitoris, no one forces you to cover your entire body including your face, no one owns you, rape is illegal, there are child labor laws and there are no kids working for pennies in THIS COUNTRY to produce your new iPhone. And I don’t know what most people have but birth control IS free with the health insurance my family pays for. And, fortunately for these young women, it’s illegal for anyone to wipe those disgusting smirks off their faces (equally as disgusting as the faces Trump makes). If you’re gonna march or protest or whatever, you should at least know what you stand for and why. This was not a march of love and peace. And this guy, like it or not, is now the president. He cannot act alone and do whatever he wants. I hope he actually surprises me and does a decent job. Why would anyone want him to prove them right and fail miserably? We’re all in the shitter if that happens. If anything sucks in this country it’s  all of the irrational people who can’t look at all sides and think critically and can’t think for themselves, just  follow the latest movement without a clue.


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