Why was PT never recommended after c-sections?

I’ve had three c-sections.I was looking up abdominal/core exercises for my fat pooch belly and finding stuff about the best and worst ones for women who have had c-sections (muscles no longer work and have to be retrained, don’t do crunches) plus scar massage to prevent or correct issues caused by improper healing and scarring of multiple stitched layers on the inside and correcting pelvic floor issues and problems from organs being moved around. Feeling a little pissed off now that doctors recommend physical therapy after every other surgery to get muscles back in working order but not once was it mentioned after any of my three c-sections. Watch for signs of infection, take your meds, don’t lift anything heavier than your baby or go up and down stairs for x amount of time. No PT or exercise recommendations. Not even in 2003 when Sarah was born. There was probably stuff on the Internet by then but all I was searching was ring chromosome 22 so I have no clue. Moral of the story I guess is sometimes you have to be your own doctor. Plus maybe don’t wait 13, 17, 25 years to look into surgery recovery. 😛


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