Struggle of the INTP Receptionist

“INTPs may struggle to find satisfaction with traditional careers choices. It can also make them reluctant to function as employees. They loathe the idea of answering to someone else and can have difficulty embracing an organization’s vision as their own…they are sensitive to what they see as the trivial or meaningless aspects of a given job. This is exacerbated by their innate skepticism, which impels them to question everything…those who find themselves performing people-oriented work often encounter difficulties. While INTPs may welcome human engagement in small quantities, too much will exhaust or frustrate them. They can quickly tire of having to placate people, especially in cases where it is inconvenient or emotionally taxing to do so. They may also find themselves longing for more time and solitude to independently, think, investigate, or create.” 100% spot on. So frustrated with myself for lack of early self-awareness and poor life planning.


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