Thoughts on minimalism, inalienable rights, modern healthcare, and income

Last year I was about doing things. Trying new things, being more active, going to more events. This year I’m thinking minimalism. I’ve been trying fasting, cutting out, or so far drinking much less, coffee – once or twice a week. I want a more minimalist diet. I have clutter to clean out of my house, mind, and budget. And I’ve been thinking about what I actually need and want, and what’s just excess.

I started thinking about all of this while looking at our bills and budget, and then our checking account showing Wal-Mart, Wal-Mart, Wal-Mart, Wal-Mart… Seeing how much of our income (husband’s income coming from Wal-Mart) goes back to Wal-Mart (because of convenience and employee discount). And thinking of why I’m now working full-time at a place I have to justify to myself because of the inner conflict I feel working in an industry I feel is centered around frivolous pursuits of excess in the way of vanity basically to fund our own frivolous pursuits of excess.

There is also the medical side, which at least is surgery and does help people who are injured, but I still feel a lack of purpose and meaning in doing my part which is like playing a tedious game with complicated rules I’m only somewhat familiar with, to try to cut through red tape of insurance companies, which we wouldn’t need in the first place if we took care of ourselves, lived healthy lives and only needed medical services when our bodies are truly broken. Would we spend as much as we currently do on premiums and meeting deductibles, paying co-pays and out-of-pocket maximums if we just ate healthy and stayed fit naturally, and just paid straight out of pocket or in trade for things like surgeries for congenital issues and accidental injuries?

Everything else in so-called “healthcare” is sick care for sicknesses caused by bad shit we put in our bodies and the exercise and sleep we don’t get. Obesity and from that high blood pressure, non-congenital heart, kidney, liver issues… every single thing is caused by the shit we put in our bodies. You are what you eat sure was the truth all along. We humans don’t even know how to feed ourselves anymore. There are a million different books and videos on diet. People argue over whether it matters if we eat vegan or paleo, keto or Whole Foods or crap. You can look up any animal on Wikipedia and find out what they eat. But we don’t even know what humans eat. Our immunity sucks because we’re not able to develop our own immune systems in an oversanitized world that just creates more resistant bugs. That was a tangent. But not really. Everything is interconnected.

Oh, and how many people actually live long enough to fully benefit from everything they contributed to and are entitled to, having been income earners?

Yesterday, I started this outline below. I first called it Money Sucks, then changed it to Adulting – Why We Work. Basically this is it and we bring up kids to go through this whole cycle themselves.

Sometimes I think about what it would be like to be able to live off the grid, within our natural rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (happiness being interpreted as having meaning and purpose), live without interference from and obligation to government, but instead willingness to help each other and trade services and items without need for recognized currency. Life, meeting our basic needs off the land. A water source for drinking and hygiene, hunting/farming/foraging for food, a shelter, heat sources of the sun and wood from trees from the land, minimal clothing needed to be warm, and clean air. No pesticides, herbicides, waste or pollution from industrialisation and transport. Communities of people who really help and support each other, not just throw money at problems that are mostly man-made for profit.

It would be hard work, but we would have healthful food, healthy fit bodies, lives not controlled by money, minds not controlled by media, social or otherwise. Better connectedness to the land and people around us, better rest, contentedness, meaning, and purpose.

Is it possible to have the latter without the former? Are we able to have the latter with everything in my outline?

Below is a thought-provoking article I found after creating the outline and searching inalienable rights.

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Meaning
Adulting – Why We Work
Taxes (to support government programs and infrastructure)
Federal tax
State tax
Withholding (so someday we no longer have to work/in case we are longer able to work)
Social Security
Retirement contribution
Insurance premiums
S/L term disability
Education (to increase what we are able to earn)
Auto (transportation to get to the job so we can earn the money to pay for loans)
Clothing (basic need and to dress appropriately for the job we go to to afford clothing)
Shelter (basic need)
Property tax
Water/Sewer (basic need)
Hygiene and grooming products
Food/Drink (basic need and entertainment/overconsumption)
Restaurants/bars//fast food
High blood pressure, diabetes, heart, kidney, liver diseases
Preventative care
Sick care
—-More Dx
—-More drugs
Electricity (to power our homes for food, drink,clothing, maintenance, entertainment)
Kitchen appliances
Laundry appliances
Social media
Outdoor recreation
Indoor recreation
Group fitness
Organized sports
Other travel and expenses vacation, visit/care for family, etc.
Elder care
Weddings, birthdays, holidays
Plane, bus, Taxi/Uber
Daycare (we pay other people, usually strangers, sometimes unreliable, sometimes dangerous unbeknownst to us, to take care of our kids so we can go earn the income to cover all of these things plus the kids’ needs)
Health care
Sick care

Then children repeat the cycle.


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