Thoughts on what we leave behind

I was just watching some video about what might be the actual tree of life or what the tree of life represents as opposed to the tree of knowledge of good and evil, mathematical language, equations, DNA, how and where we’re here, pyramids, vibrational frequency, etc. And I thought about how I’ve always wanted to write, but not JUST write – publish (a) book(s). And why do I still want to do that in the age of technology? Because without physical, tangible, low-tech forms of communication, we will leave behind nothing. Print is important. Without it, if the power grid goes out, if the servers all go down, or when current forms of storage and retrieval are outdated, we will leave nothing behind for later generations to hand down or later species of human beings to find and study. I don’t know why the thought of this stresses me out so much. Or why this video brought me here at this moment. If everyone and everything on earth is taken out by the next big worldwide natural disaster, all knowledge, opinion, speculation, thought, on science, math, music, history, human relations will all be gone and whatever intelligent life form that comes next will have to start from point A and figure everything out all over again.

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