Dealing with it

Some people are just “negative Nancy” types but some are truly depressed. In my experience, nobody is really equipped to help, especially people you only talk to on Facebook and usually even family if you don’t have a tight-knit family. It’s hard to get to the point where you can actually bring yourself to ask for help and then when you do, you’re more likely to get someone telling you “you’re not the only one who gets depressed”, “some people have it worse than you, you know”, “find people who are going through what you’re going through and talk to them”, “deal with it”, “get some fucking help,” and “what do you want me to do?” (If only I knew.) Those were actual quotes–none helpful. Most likely, talking to someone will feel like you’re burdening them because they aren’t equipped to help and the negativity pushes people away. It’s probably better to talk to someone you don’t know on a crisis hotline, though I don’t know for sure as I never called one, myself. I deleted Facebook for a good year. Facebook friends (and old/current co-workers, acquaintances, old school friends you never see) aren’t real friends. I would say find an outlet or 3 -writing, painting, music, building things, exercise/sports, a pet – and a positive inlet or 10 – work on yourself, make some goals, try new things, meet people, listen to some people on Youtube and see if you find someone whose message resonates with you. Even just force yourself to get out of bed and take a shower. If that’s the only thing you accomplish in a day, it’s a step. I forced myself to go try exercise classes, kept a blog, and listened to Wayne Dyer videos. Those things got me out of an abyss and staying out is an ongoing process. They also cured me of ranting on Facebook about my life problems. I still listen to a variety of people on YouTube every single day and fall asleep with earbuds. Whatever you do, do something.

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