Remember Me

Jesus, how is every other pop song making me cry these days? I never imagined I’d identify with so many Taylor Swift songs. 😛

One of them triggered a thought – I hope you don’t look back and remember me as the version of me I’ve been the past couple of months or even the last few years. I hope you remember good things. I hope you remember a fun version of me, the one at the Ground Round, the one who put you on a pedestal and the one who believed in us and our fantasy. I’m still the one who was so much in love with you that you were my world. That’s why this has been so hard for me. Just please remember me and remember me with love. I can’t even describe what it feels like to not feel loved by you anymore and to think about how I’ll never see your face or your smile up close or rub your cheeks again, or lace our fingers together again. Almost two months later and my heart still hurts just as much.

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