Finally finished This is Us S4E14. Holy crap that was a tear jerker while they were listening to the tape. Thank you for telling me what a great show that is and keeping after me about it.
I went out with friends last night. Everybody up here is so fucking ugly. 😛 And the band played well but they just played all of your bathroom songs. So of course I go out to keep from moping but seriously all I could think about and talk about was you and your “bathroom songs” thing because every damn band they covered – Journey, Rick Springfield, Night Ranger to name a few – you would guess correctly what songs they played. Which is why you see tribute bands for the most part and better cover bands who play some more obscure songs. Look, you taught me so much. 😂 To think at one point I didn’t know the difference between a tribute and a cover band.
Ahhh. I really hope this gets easier. You’ve made such an impression on me and in my life I can’t even begin to imagine time wearing it away or scarring it over so it’s not so visible anymore. You’re like one of those etchings on a tree trunk or old picnic table. I feel like LF+DP is going to still look freshly carved right there on my heart 20 years from now.

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