Cycle of Love

Profound thoughts on the shitter, on this day that would’ve marked 9 years with one I loved very much.

Love, like everything, is temporary yet exists forever. We think everything has a beginning and an end, yet if you think about it, like energy can neither be created nor destroyed, everything that began always existed before it came into being because there was always the potential for it to do so and when something ends, it still exists and always will, whether in a different form or memories or history.

Like water turns to ice, melts back to water, evaporates into seemingly nothing, and then condenses into water again, there is no beginning or end, everything is a cycle.

I always felt as if I knew and loved him since the beginning of time and I still feel like I’ll never stop. If he comes back 5 years- 10 years down the line, it’ll be like all time between now and then was frozen. When I see him, it will all melt away.

The love, long ago evaporated, condensed, and suspended in the heavens – when I see him, it will all come raining down. I’ll cup my hands and let them overflow but sooner or later, I know the snow will fall, a drought will come, and when it pours again, I’m bound to let it slip though my fingers.

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