Beating Depression

Almost a year ago, I finally found myself in a better place after many years of dealing with depression and I still work on myself every day. I blamed it on circumstances in life that I saw as being beyond my control. Being a mother of a child with special needs who needs 100% care, … Continue reading Beating Depression


Introducing Life, Upside-Down & Sideways

(Taken from the introduction to my former BDN blog, I May Regret This. My name is Laurie and I’m excited about this opportunity to share my thoughts, ideas and opinions with you on Life, Upside-Down & Sideways. A few things about me: I’m a middle-aged married mom of three and a recent college graduate. I … Continue reading Introducing Life, Upside-Down & Sideways

Okay, It’s Been a Rollercoaster Day

The second half of Cryday, the sun came out. The Literacy Volunteers session was really informative. I'm definitely going to do the 5 or 6 week –can't remember– training to become a certified literacy tutor. In addition to that and volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House, I was also finally offered the job I've been … Continue reading Okay, It’s Been a Rollercoaster Day