Introducing Life, Upside-Down & Sideways

(Taken from the introduction to my former BDN blog, I May Regret This. My name is Laurie and I’m excited about this opportunity to share my thoughts, ideas and opinions with you on Life, Upside-Down & Sideways. A few things about me: I’m a middle-aged married mom of three and a recent college graduate. I … Continue reading Introducing Life, Upside-Down & Sideways


Sarah and Job Update

Holy wow, how the weeks and months pass. Since my last post school got out, we gained a new BHP (or really CSWs are what this company hires) after having lost our last one. This will be our fourth since I think March. We also lost nursing services partially because of I believe faulty paperwork … Continue reading Sarah and Job Update

It’s Cryday, Cryday… Gonna Get Down on Cryday

I'm just having a cry day. That's what I'll call it. Cryday. I cried all night. I got up, took a shower, cried some more, got dressed, cried some more. Ate, had some coffee, cried some more. Iced my eyes. Took some ibuprofen. Iced my eyes some more. Rehearsed over and over in my mind … Continue reading It’s Cryday, Cryday… Gonna Get Down on Cryday