Introducing Life, Upside-Down & Sideways

(Taken from the introduction to my former BDN blog, I May Regret This. My name is Laurie and I’m excited about this opportunity to share my thoughts, ideas and opinions with you on Life, Upside-Down & Sideways. A few things about me: I’m a middle-aged married mom of three and a recent college graduate. I … Continue reading Introducing Life, Upside-Down & Sideways


Back in the Rollerskating Groove

Skating is great exercise and fun to do whether you’re 15 or 42! As a teenager, I spent many a weekend at the old Happy Wheels in Bangor. That was my favorite place to be. If you asked me what I wanted to do back in the 80’s, ‘go roller-skating’ was always the answer. Skating … Continue reading Back in the Rollerskating Groove