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  1. Hi lauriefrisbey,

    I was reading through your website and found your story fascinating. I have my own website called where I invite multipotentialites to share their life story along with a pic so the world knows about your life and get some inspiration.

    There are several million people who are still working as specialists when they are actually multipods. As a result, most of them get frustrated without knowing about the multipotentialite calling of your soul. My observation is your story can inspire several people out there.

    You can provide me a story article on your life and my work will be to publish it and spread it through my website. There could be nothing better when you share your story and inspire beings to embrace multipotentiality. I will wait for your reply.

    In no way and if you do not wish, I will not share your personal details like address, contact so you can trust me.

    Please feel free to visit my website and e-mail me at OR

    Multipotentialite Pal



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