You drive toward the sun
to broaden your horizons
I say I can’t see you
getting any brighter
going to California
you wear dark sunglasses
think you look cool
but they hide the coldest
part of you, eyes ice blue
at least you see the world
in shades of gray
dark clouds hover above
our heads in the rain
we laugh through the pain
‘Ring around the Rosies’ sing
ashes to ashes sting
one by one we all fall
for nothing at all
pocket full of posers
looking down our noses
Knowing how it feels
To keep spinning our wheels
Kicking up dust to dust
stuck in the rut
we dug ourselves
our own grave
how do we get out?
I say sometimes
you have to stay
buried in shit
at least knee deep
Just to have something
to stand on
see where you came from
over the horizon
scrape, sweat, climb
toward the sun
throw shade back
just for fun
from the cliff
everything is clear
when you jump

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