Published by The Metaworker on January 23,2017.

I reveal the parts I want you to see
you think you know me


ugly thoughts inside my head
mourning at the side of a haunted bed

empty womb
hands of red


I smile as though I had never thought
fondly of death like an old friend

do you wonder what names
have escaped my lips in screaming fits?

‘God’ fills the darkest spaces
no confusion of names or faces


it penetrates my skin
the electric heat of your hands
there’s no mistaking it
is there?

you don’t know
masquerade is what I do

you count my lovers (demons?) on one hand
I count them on two
how can you tell if I love you?


love, like hate, is a state of mind
at a point in time
tomorrow is another day
the song will play

even the brightest stars are sure to fade

as will you, with time
but I smile and say I’ll love you forever
you’ll always be mine

I masquerade because I know
in the end, you’ll be the one to go.

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