When I hear “I have strong beliefs”, I hear:

“I have limiting beliefs.”
” I am closed-minded.”
“I know it all already.”
“I have nothing more to learn.”
“I refuse to listen to you.”
“I’m right.”
“You’re wrong.”
“I won’t change my mind.”
“I’m better than you.”

None of my beliefs have ever been so strongly held that they can’t be changed because of a personal experience or if I read or hear something that makes more sense than what I originally believed. I may research an idea further and decide to change my mind.

I am open-minded, I have curiosity and the desire to learn, and my mind is malleable. I know there is more to life and death and the universe than any of us can possibly know but, oxymoronically,  I know there is no limit to what I can learn, do, and be if I so desire. I did not always hold this belief.