I was Facebook stalking again.

It’s like people-watching at the mall, but better because they never walk away. I somehow end up on random people’s pages. One person leads to another, then another, until I find the one. (The one who not only catches my eye but has loose enough privacy settings so there’s more to see.) Then I scroll through and read everything I possibly can about them. I study their lives, sometimes for hours.

Phyllis (formerly Phil),is a mid-20’s transgender, in the beginning stages of transition. She’s from the UK and living in NY with her wife, Trina. (But they prefer to call each other “partner”.) They have a little boy together, Dax. Married on Halloween at the city hall in Manhattan, theirs was the perfect upscale goth wedding complete with purple hair and black roses.

They moved to NY because that’s where Trina’s from but after losing a job prospect, she heard there were more teaching jobs available overseas. So they will probably move back and stay with Phyllis’ family for a while. Phyllis finally started the transition after her mother passed away. Her father has always been supportive though.

I read on. There’s much more. And there are photos of her throughout the stages of her transition, photos of her and her partner, family photos, videos of her and her child. She makes vlog rants about how people see her and how they treat her, how the hormones aren’t doing enough yet. She shares the GoFundMe page Trina started way back when Phyllis still went by Phil to help her save for surgeries. It has a total of $80.00. She’s heavy on the makeup and hair adornments in a desperate attempt to hide any sign of her maleness. She’s so depressed. I cry for her and hope that things turn around for her soon. I know I’ll go back to my search history and check on her every so often.

I enjoy reading about interesting people. I get to know so much about them, it’s like they become friends almost. I’m sad Phyllis and Trina are moving to the UK, but I know I’d probably never meet them anyway. Plus, I know as long as there’s Facebook, they’re only click away.