Next Time

She thinks she’s got it all
figured out this time
and she won’t make the same
old mistakes

Keeping notes in her mind,
she’s thinking next time
she’ll know better, the right
steps to take

But she’s just a girl
When some guy comes along

and he totally rocks her world

All that was right will be wrong
And what’s wrong, she’ll justify
At least in her own mind
but he knows

She’ll let down her defenses,
she’ll lose all control
Lose all of her sense as
she wagers her soul

she’ll make compromises
give up on her goals
watch her dreams and desires fly right out the window

He knows what she wants
to believe so he’ll let her
She’ll tell herself anything
if it makes her feel better

Forget what she told herself

not so long ago

When she was keeping those

notes in her mind
now tattered and torn
The ones she can find
all weathered and worn

The wavering convictions
of a girl
she used to know,
that girl who told
herself so many
years ago

Next time I’ll know


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