Laurie Lynn Frisbey (Dunton) September 22, 1972-May 14, 2021

Laurie passed quietly on her phone in the company of no one, though all were home. On Facebook, all three hundred and fifty two. That’s a lie. She only had a few, hidden from view. Family and friends may call but they don’t. They could share this post to their walls but they won’t. They’ll scroll by this post on their Newsfeed, and wish happy birthday to the deceased when Facebook prompts in four months time that Laurie’s turning 49. But no, she’ll leave her Legacy page behind. It’ll seem almost like she never left. The last thing she shared on her dying breath, a meme still gets likes and comments. There’s at least one nasty thread. Not nice to troll the dead. Laurie is survived by hypertext, predeceased by humanity. Servers will be online. There will be file burial with time. Internment will be virtual but all may attend to reality to wake beforehand.