Introducing Life, Upside-Down & Sideways

A few things about me:

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Once again, Neil Gaiman

“The biggest problem with Twitter is that I’d be in a taxi and I’d be on Twitter and it would keep me interested. I realised I wasn’t getting bored enough and [that I needed to get bored] to start plotting things and coming up with ideas.”

This is part of why I gave up Facebook but I’m finding there is always something for distraction, like the latest game apps – Trivia Crack, Word Crack, the old standby Candy Crush and now Soda Crush.

But now classes have started up so my mind is occupied with learning again. Much of the reading I do online on my phone is educational in some way, anyway.
Starting my blog back up again feels good. I feel that I’m being more creative as opposed to feeling wasteful posting my thoughts on Facebook where things get lost. Years and years of thoughts were there but there wasn’t really a good way to go back through and reflect on things. Most were just short posts on the mundane. Nothing too deep. But still, it was documention of moments in my life just lost on this virtual “wall” owned by someone else. Another reason to leave Facebook. Ownership. I like to own the rights to my stuff and I suspect I’ll have more “stuff” if I allow myself fewer distractions.

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How to Become a Writer

How to become a writer, according to Neil Gaiman.  I LOVE THIS.

If you write, you’re a writer. If you make music, you’re a musician. If you create art, you’re an artist. If you call it art, it’s art. That’s all there is to it. I don’t care if you have a degree or not, no one can tell you you’re not any of these things.

You don’t become an artist when someone likes your stuff enough to buy it. That just makes you a paid artist. You can spend money on a degree and suck at it and you can be a self – taught prodigy. What you decide to be, you are. All you have to do is do it.

That’s it.

Neil Gaiman agrees.

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