I had to give him a little credit. He was the first guy on the website who didn’t send a dick pic until I asked for one. He was the first guy who used proper grammar when he messaged me. And he lived in my town.

His handle was drkwolf001. He first sent me a candid headshot that looked like a photo from a wedding reception. He wore a gray vest and bowtie over a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up and he raised a Michelob Light in toast to someone outside the frame of the picture. Clean cut. Smiling from ear to ear. He gave me his first name. It was Derek.

It was easy to find out more about him. I Google searched the image he sent me and it matched a profile picture on the Facebook account for a Derek McKinnon. Other public profile pictures confirmed it was him. At least he didn’t give me a fake first name.

I Googled “Derek McKinnon, Old Town, Maine.” A LinkedIn account showed on the search results. He worked in IT at Penobscot Development Corporation.

“Thanks for the picture, Derek. I can’t wait to see more. ;-)”

“You want to see more?”

“Yes. I like what I see so far.”

In the next picture he sent, he stood at the bathroom mirror, face partially obscured by his phone and the reflection of the flash but I could tell it was him. He was chiseled but not overly so. Not a fan of the bodybuilder look, I was pleased. Derek was perfect. Perfectly realistic. Nice biceps, rounded shoulders. He had a slightly “dad” chest with a little hair and about a four-pack maybe that was mostly smooth with a narrow path of hair leading to the main focus of the photo. Nice package. It was the angle of the picture, I was sure. Holding the phone at face level, angled slightly downward towards the mirror gave the illusion his cock hung halfway down his thighs.

I thanked him. He asked me for mine and I fulfilled his request.

“Nice! I’d definitely like to meet you, so let me know if you’re interested in setting up a time just to chat. Maybe we can get to know each other over coffee and see where it takes us. Talk to you soon. – Derek”

“Hey, Mr. McKinnon. Yes, I would very much like to meet you. Are you free tomorrow? Maybe on your lunch break we can meet up at Jack’s Java for a quick getting-to-know-you before we plan anything more serious. It’s just a quick walk from PDC. -Tara”

I just wanted to impress him with my sleuthing abilities, not completely scare him off. I could’ve mentioned that his wife, Jenn with two ‘n’s, is very pretty. And it turns out one of his girls is in the same class as my son. And he has a very lovely home.

The bells on the door jingled when he entered. He spotted me easily from my picture and quickly scoped out the rest of the cafe for any other familiar faces, then slid into the seat across from me.

“Okay, well you’re a smart one. How did you figure out my last name and where I work? ”

” I moonlight as a private investigator. Not really. I’m just somewhat computer savvy.”

“Oh, well good job.”

I laughed and placed my hand on his. “A girl just can’t be too careful. That website is full of creepers.”

“Yeah, I’m sure.” He pulled his hand away.

“Are you creeped out?”

“Uh. A little.”

“Then what made you come?”

He shook his head and chuckled, then looked at me with a playful smirk. “Hopefully you, later.” His blue eyes sparkled.

Every time the door opened and he heard to bells, he hunched over a bit, eyes darting around the room.

“I’m not sure we should’ve met here.”

“Relax. I could just be a colleague. I used to work there, you know.”

“Really. What department?”

“Yeah, I spent eight years in the billing department.”

“No shit. Wow. Small world.”

“Small town.”

“Yeah. It’s kind of weird we could’ve crossed paths at work. Passed each other in the halls. Discussed clients on the phone…”

“Fucked in a janitor’s closet…”

” Yeah.” He loosened his tie.

“Well, not only that but school functions. The grocery store. I mean, I live ten minutes away from you. Our kids go to school together.”

“Whoa, this is just–”

“It’s hot.” I smiled and rubbed his thigh with my foot under the table.

He wringed his hands and nodded.

“I mean, we can meet up practically anytime we get the urge.”

His face lit up. “So you said you’re in an open marriage, huh? That’s cool, but–”

” Don’t worry. It’s fine. And he knows nothing about you except your first name. I think he used to work with Jenn, but I wouldn’t say anything though. ”

“Jesus. Give me a little here. You know everything about me.”

“Just ask.”

“Do you want to go for a ride? Right now?”

“I thought you’d at least ask for my last name.”

“I don’t need to know.” He leaned in close and whispered, “I just can’t wait to get my hands on you. Red pickup. Get in the back.” He stood up and walked out.

I followed him. I watched him get into a red extended cab with tinted windows. He started the truck. I headed down the sidewalk, scanning the street to see if anyone was around. When I reached the pickup, I opened the back passenger side door and hopped in.

“Get down.”

“The windows are tinted.”

“Can’t be too careful. Lie down in the seat. And here,” he pulled off his tie. “Put this on.”

“You want me to wear your tie?”

His eyes turned dark and serious in the rearview mirror. I played along.

“Where are you taking me?”

“You don’t need to know.”

I placed the tie over my eyes and knotted it around my head.

He put the truck in gear and headed to wherever he thought he was going to have his way with me.