Aren’t we all “this close”
to the edge of something?

We can think
ourselves to the brink
of insanity,
starvation, or satiety.
Just one step
from falling off the ledge,
one step back
from the edge to safety.

One move from landing
the job of dreams,
and open doors,
or flipping
the last burger before
hand on hip
you flip off the boss
and storm out the door.
As it closes,
he screams,
“You better never
come back here, son”
and you wonder,
what have I done?

One glance, smile,
handshake, swipe
from meeting the one
who might change your life,
Mentor, tormentor,
soulmate, pretender,
trusting, second-guessing
that feeling in the center
of a gut
you’re never quite sure
is on your side.

One left turn between
going out for milk
for the kids to drink
and driving
right past the store,
not stopping,
tears streaming,
until you either wonder
what the hell you were thinking
or why you waited


when you feel more freedom
than you’ve felt in years
and you just roll on,
roll your window down
and start singing.

We’re one chance taken
from reaching fame
or having it taken away,
one gamble from fortune
or throwing it all away,
one bad throw of the dice,
one bad play,
one bet placed on bad advice.
a few paychecks,
one major illness,
one tragic near death
away from homeless.

One last straw
from pulling the trigger,
swallowing the whole bottle,
every pill,
keep digging a hole
we can never fill,
or finally see the light
and see life
for what it is.
We’re here to persist
not resist
the conditions of existence.

Stand still, stubborn,
refuse to change,
knock down solutions,
it’s easier to complain,
Is it easier to just
put up with the pain,
or abate it?
It’s insane
to refuse to choose,
but that’s a choice we make.

We’re all one thought,
one word,
one step, one turn,
this close to living out
a life full of shine
or crash and burn
from here on out,
slipping into the void
to avoid the noise,
those voices
that trip us up every time
and try
to send us over the line,
that edge.

This close.