(watched too many soap operas as a child)

When I was young and restless,
I wondered who I would be today,
And whether I would stay in Maine,
Or if I’d move away.

Would I be a criminal?
A cunning jewel thief?
A bank robber? A villainess?
Inflict many a mother’s grief?

Would I be a prostitute?
Another dirty whore?
Or lady of eloquence and class,
expensive to adore?

Would I be a mom, a wife?
Chained to a picket fence?
Live an ordinary life,
Of chaos, pride, and sense?

Would I be a woman free,
To wile away the day?
Travel, drink, write, and love,
With whomever I wish to play?

Would I be a movie star,
For all the world to see?
For everyone to know my name?
Immortal I would be.

Would we hide from the media?
Or spend the days of our lives
Mingling like the busy bees
buzzing in their hives?

I let my own imagination
Be my guiding light
And let my every fantasy
develop and take flight.

I only have one life to live,
So I thought I would decide
To take a shot at every role,
At least on the inside.

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